26 October, 2017
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This Christmas is for you to stand out with a luxury classic personalised satin lined Christmas stocking with stunning embroidered name and a lace.

Ideal as a stocking filler for friends and family, the perfect gift for the person who has everything... or so cute hanging on your Christmas tree! Search no longer for the perfect Secret Santa gift... you could even have Little stockings of Christmas Joy waiting for your guests at their spot at the Christmas table! With their names embroidered on it , So many uses! Hi it's the perfect Xmas time just around the corner. How would you make it special for someone who has got it all. Let it be your mother husband or wife, brother, sister, friend or relative. Make your Xmas present stand out with their personalised Embroidered name on a Christmas silk stocking with a lace. Remember it's Xmas, and send it with love from me Ltd

Items you can think of to fill your stockings;

Attach to the Christmas stocking a printed cardboard tag. One side says ‘little stocking of Christmas Joy’ filled with love from me and the other side lists the cute little items contained within. The text on the tag may read as follows:

This embroidered Christmas stocking of love and Joy contains...

A glowing candle which will bring warmth and light to your home, a coin for charity, to remind you to always think of others, a piece of lace with beads to represent beautifully decorated gifts for friends and family, two rings symbolising bonds with your loved ones, a poem to father Santa and letter to president Trump to remind him how good you are, and a few little chocolate sticks to add to those cookies for him! A snow flake in the hope of a magical white Christmas, a picture of a resting horse - be sure to stop and rest a little over the holidays, a pack of dominos to remind you to also take the time to have fun, a picture of red heart to represent the love to be shared this season, and a blight star from Mars for all your wondrous Christmas wishes and happy new year to land on! With love from me..